Blackboard CE8 Virtual Learning Environment


Following the migration to Blackboard Learn, Blackboard CE8 is due to be switched off on 31 October 2015. After this date you will no longer be able to access courses on Blackboard CE8. ICT will be creating an archive of all courses, primarily to archive course content, however Departments may wish to make copies of specific information from courses, e.g. assessment data. For more information see the guidance on Archiving Blackboard CE8 courses.

Blackboard CE8 will be switched off in:

New courses are available on Blackboard Learn

Common Problems:

Accepting Java - prompt after login

After login you may be prompted by a security window asking for verification to run applications. You need to click Run to ensure that you enable Java functionality.

If you have problems logging in, go to and try logging in again.

Blackboard CE8 DOES NOT SUPPORT GOOGLE CHROME. Please use Firefox, IE or Safari to login.

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